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Zodiac Signs Birthday Cards - Libra

Printed on quality natural paper with real flower petals.

Libra Zodiac Sign card

Folded card £4.95
( inc postage to UK and EU)
(plus £1.00 to rest of the world)

Folded Zodiac Signs card

Boxed Zodiac Signs scroll

Scrolled card £9.75
( inc postage to UK and EU)
(plus £1.00 to rest of the world)

Libra Zodiac Sign scroll

Libra     23rd Sept-22nd Oct

Birth Stone : Opal

Ruling Planet : Venus

Signs of the Zodiac

The words in this card :

Libra Zodiac SignLibra     23rd Sept-22nd Oct

Librans secret desire is to live an easy, uncomplicated life.

The teenage Libran dreams of finding the Prince or Princess of their dreams. They often experience dramas, false starts and broken hearts, keeping their feelings deep inside.

Librans can put on a brave face, they are good in business and often have powerful friends.

Librans that do find their dream often live an exotic life, perhaps in a foreign land running a local bar or restaurant or perhaps a ski lodge.

They should remember to hold out for their dreams, keep their integrity and don't take whatever is offered.

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Real pink rose petals represent friendship

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Also included on the card

Constellation of Libra star map