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Zodiac Signs Birthday Cards - Cancer

Printed on quality natural paper with real flower petals.

Cancer Zodiac Sign card

Folded card £4.95
( inc postage to UK and EU)
(plus £1.00 to rest of the world)

Folded Zodiac Signs card

Boxed Zodiac Signs scroll

Scrolled card £9.75
( inc postage to UK and EU)
(plus £1.00 to rest of the world)

Cancer Zodiac Sign scroll

Cancer    Aug 23rd - Sept 22nd

Birth Stone : Moonstone

Ruling Planet : Moon

Signs of the Zodiac

The words in this card :

Cancer Zodiac SignCancer Jun22nd  – Jul22nd

Those born under the sign of Cancer, ruled by the moon, are one of the zodiacs enigmas. Compassionate and caring with friends, family and lovers, but have ever changing moods.

Endearingly eccentric, but insecure about how others see them. They can appear hard on the outside, but deep down are soft and sensitive. They are very busy, but like to stay in one place. Linked to the moon they can be emotional yo yos.

Love and romance matters more than anything else to this sign. No other sign can be so hurt when romance goes wrong. Cancarians are fascinating, mysterious, stimulating and alluring. This is the most magic of all signs.

Zodiac birthday card font

Real pink rose petals represent friendship

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Also included on the card

Constellation of Cancer star map